mezura translations

James Thomas


Major translations and editorial work

The Ends of Stories (tr. from French of Jean-Pierre Orban's Vera), Francis Boutle Publishers, 2020

The Ear of Eternity/L’orella de l’eternitat: Poems in Catalan by Xavier Panadès i Blas (translations with the author), Francis Boutle Publishers, 2019

Strappo (tr. from Catalan of Martí Gironell's Strappo)Agència Catalana de Turisme, May 2019

The Troubadours to Ausiàs March: Heritage of the Biblioteca de Catalunya (tr. from Catalan of Anna Alberni's Dels trobadors a Ausiàs March: el patrimoni de la Biblioteca de Catalunya)Generalitat de Catalunya, 2018

The November Boy (tr. of Bernat Manciet’s Lo gojat de novème (Francis Boutle Publishers, 2017)
(English-PEN Award) OUT NOW!

Grains of Gold, an anthology of Occitan literature (Francis Boutle Publishers, 2015)
(English-PEN Award, Premi Ostana Prize for Occitan Literature, TLS review)

Solstice and Other Poems: Poems in Occitan by Aurélia Lassaque (Francis Boutle Publishers, 2012)
(TLS review and ‘Poem of the Week’, The Guardian, 2013)


MA in Translation, University of Exeter (Distinction and Dean’s Commendation, 2010)
(French, Spanish and Catalan; dissertation on Occitan-English translation)
Nivell C in Catalan (Barcelona, 2006)
M. Phil in French Studies, University of Bristol (2005)
BA (Hons) in English and Related Literature, University of York

Other publications

Book review of Vicente Lledó-Guillem's The Making of Catalan Linguistic Identity in Medieval and Early Modern Times (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) in Hispanic Research Journal: Iberian and Latin American Studies, Volume 20, 2019 - Issue 3

'Translating Occitan in the Anglosphere', In Other Words, Issue 52, National Centre for Writing, Winter 2019

‘The Ship of Fools’ (extract), tr. of Jànluc Sauvaigo’s ‘La nau dei fòls’, Paris Lit Up No 4 (July 2017)

Various prose extracts (incl. by Maria Barbal, Ada Castells, Joana Raspall, Carme Riera and Antònia Vicens) in Women Writers in Catalan, Raig Verd Editorial, Barcelona (June 2017)

‘Châteauneuf-du-Pape and the Félibrige’, Website of Jancis Robinson (April 2017)

‘Rasims to be Cheerful: Wine and Occitan Culture’, The World of Fine Wine (June 2016)

‘Dante, the Félibrige and the 1890 Exposizione Beatrice in Florence’, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication (2015)

‘Fabre D’Olivet’s Le Troubadour and the Textuality of Pseudo-translation’, in eds. J. Boase-Beier, A. Fawcett, P. Wilson, Literary Translation: Redrawing the Boundaries (Palgrave MacMillan, 2014)

‘Dante and the Provençal Renaissance, 1800-1860’, in eds. R. Goulbourne, C. Honess, M. Treherne, Dante in France, special issue of La Parola del testo (Pisa: Fabrizio Serra, 2013)

‘Dante and Fabre d’Olivet: the Construction of an Occitan Chant Royal’, in eds. A. Audeh and Havely, Dante in the Long Nineteenth Century: Nationality, Identity and Appropriation (Oxford University Press, 2012)

‘The Narrative Element in Victor Gelu’s chansons provençales’, in La Cuestione romantica (University of Parma, 2010)